september 2018



Dear Paideia Times Subscriber,


After three years of reporting on the most pressing issues facing American higher education, publishing 10 issues, more than 300 stories with more than 3,600 references, we need to do some routine maintenance and updating to keep Paideia Times as current and relevant as it needs to be.


Though we know there is no downtime for college trustees and administrators, we are doing our retooling this summer, requiring us to merge our Summer and Fall issues. Most of the work concerns website mechanics and software tweaking so you probably won't notice the changes when you receive the next issue on October 27. Meanwhile, we continue to scour our news sources lest you miss a single important story.


Please check in to our site, Paideia Times, where all of our back issues are available for browsing, and if you have time, may we ask you to take our Reader Interview Questionnaire. To do so, simply click here.


We are working on a circulation promotion campaign to begin soliciting paid subscriptions. Some honest reader feedback — to tell us what you most like about Paideia Times and what improvements we need to make — would be very much appreciated.



See you in October.


Peter Meyer

Managing Editor

Paideia Times